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IE Design rugs, special effect cowhides and Faux Fur

Interleer Exclusief is constantly searching world markets to find designers who have their own exclusive materials.

Interleer Exclusief invests in building excellent relations with her suppliers, helping us to source the design which you require.  For example we have recently found a company who manufacturers unique designs in cowhide rugs, they are the only ones available in Holland.  Only a few are shown on this website, many more designs are available on request.


Interleer has also recently introduced special effect cowhides, ranging from brightly dyed colours such as fuchsia or lime, to outrageous designs incorporating gold and silver plating, creating an unbelievable collection!


Another interesting new product is “Faux fur” this is a synthetic product supplied with a beautifully soft backing which is hard to distinguish from real fur.  Only a few designs are shown on this website, many more are available on request.  Please advise us if you do not find what you are looking for here and we will gladly send you more information.