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Interleer Exclusief do not supply the traditional decorated “Peruvian” Alpaca rug.  Instead we offer our own large, plain unembellished Alpaca rug, giving this beautiful unique soft fur its own place in modern interior design.   This is one of Interleer’s specialities, the keynote being simplicity.

This Interleer Exclusief Alpaca rug is specified by top Dutch designers and fits into any interior design be it classic or modern.

In addition to our standard range Interleer Exclusief can bring you this lovely soft cosy rug specially made to your own shape and size.  You can have a large round rug, long runner, rug sized 20 m² or more or whatever you require.

Alpaca is an excellent natural insulation material and will add warmth and comfort to any setting.  It is also an excellent foot warmer for colder evenings!

One of the attractions of these Alpaca rugs is that as a product of nature, no two items are exactly the same.  The natural beauty comes out in the variations, for instance “white” alpaca also contains darker, creamy variations.  Other beautiful shades available are natural beige, brown, grey or black.


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