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Interleer Exclusief understands that our consumers are concerned to purchase products which have as low an impact on the environment as possible.  Interleer Exclusief share these concerns and take care to ensure that the same principles are applied to the whole supply chain.  All suppliers are certified for quality and low environmental impact and the tanneries we use are ISO9001 certified. Interleer Exclusief sets the tone for example by having no salesmen on the road.
Hence we can bring to you these beautiful products of nature without any adverse affect on the environment.  All our cowhides and leather rugs come from animals which are farmed primarily for food; these items are therefore selected from the by-products of the food industry.  All hide products are again by-products from the food industry or come from animals which have died from natural causes.  All Interleer Exclusief fur items have been sourced legally and to the highest possible ethical standard.


Interleer Exclusief: Caring for nature.